Workplace wellbeing

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Workplace wellbeing

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When you consider Employee Mental Health Programs Approaches, who were the pioneers? Will they ever be mimicked?

Because of the stigma attached to mental health, your employees might not feel comfortable talking to you about it. Look around right now. You might be able to understand better if someone hasn’t been performing well or if they look really ill. Be compassionate and ask them if they’re doing well. A simple “How Are You” might create a greater impact on them than you know. Steps organisations can take to create a healthy workplace include awareness of the workplace environment and how it can be adapted to promote better mental health for different employees. Mental ill health is usually caused by a combination of work- and non-work-related factors: for example, the pressure of ongoing change at work and longer or more intense hours may be exacerbated by financial pressures at home, relationship problems and, given the ageing population, greater caring responsibilities. It is important to consult with employees and managers to identify strengths and weaknesses in your organizations approach to mental health Employers need to be confident that there will be timely and appropriate support available to them if they employ people with a mental health condition. Charities such as Mind have a wealth of information to help you support your employees with stress and its impact on mental health. More importantly they have advice to help you prevent it becoming a problem in the first place.


Look into mental health training for your both you and your management team. This training, provided by mental health experts, will provide you with the tools you need to tackle stigma in the workplace and educate you about mental health – both incredibly important when it comes to supporting an employee with anxiety. As an employer, just like you would with someone who has a physical illness, you can make adjustments within the workplace to allow someone who is mentally ill to continue to perform their role effectively. Mental health becomes even more important in an era of constant change. As businesses undertake broader transformation initiatives, an employee’s wellbeing, including how valued they feel, is critical in helping achieve an organization’s broader change objectives. In some parts of the world, the concept of mental health as we know it today either doesn’t exist, or if it does, has its own specific lens through which it has developed. The developments around mental illness, diagnosis and treatment largely took place in Westernized countries – including, but not limited to, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And, these countries still pave the way today. Don't forget to send out proper internal communications around managing employees with mental health issues in your organisation.

Communicate More Than You Think You Need To

Helping employees improve their mental health could be one of the most important steps an employer can take to improve an individual's well-being, as well as the health of the entire organization. If you have to take time off with a mental health problem, returning to work can be quite daunting. But it can also be an important part of your recovery, and you don’t have to be a hundred per cent well to go back. you don’t have to apologise or justify being unwell, any more than you would if you were recovering from an accident or operation. Potential workplace triggers for distress include negative relationships or poor communication and an unsupportive workplace culture or lack of management support. People living with mental health problems contributed an estimated £226 billion gross value added (12.1%) to UK GDP. This is 12.1% of GDP overall, and as high as nine times the estimated cost to economic output arising from mental health problems at work. Burnout is a workplace phenomenon characterised by three symptoms occurring together, namely exhaustion, negativity and ineffectiveness. Because burnout isn’t a medical condition, there’s no official ‘yes or no’ diagnosis. It’s not like being able to get an X-ray and objectively tell whether you have or haven’t broken your arm. Similarly to any change that happens within organizations, discussions around workplace wellbeing ideas need planning and implementing properly.

The economic downturn is impacting significantly on wellbeing and stress levels. Work pressures and job insecurity have dramatically increased, along with financial demands at home. Many people tell say they are struggling to cope. It might not be feasible for your company to hire a full-time clinical psychologist. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Managers themselves can do a lot to help employees facing challenges and normalise talking about mental health in the workplace. When having mental health conversations with team members at work, don’t assume mental illness or stress means they can’t do their job. The reality is that mental wellness is much more than the absence of mental illness. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five American adults experience mental illness, with one in 20 experiencing serious mental illness, which can be defined based on a group of specific diagnoses. Employers should show a positive and enabling attitude to employees and job applicants with mental health issues. This includes having positive statements in recruitment literature. Discussing ideas such as employers duty of care mental health is good for the staff and the organisation as a whole.

Mental Health Is Something We All Have

Perceptions of a “good” organizational climate are significantly associated with positive employee mental health outcomes such as lower levels of burnout, depression, and anxiety. Workplace wellness, mental health, mental illness, and wellbeing—these words are now commonly seen in the news and social media, shown to be among the core values of organizations. Many of us probably think it’s our fault that we’re stressed because we can’t cope with the high demands of our jobs. But the truth is, many people are suffering from high stress levels because they simply have too much to do and can’t see a way to change that. To help reduce the stigma around mental health, employees can share more of their own experiences with other co-workers when appropriate. Unless you feel very safe, this is more about sharing your humanness than getting into details — co-workers can’t substitute for mental health professionals. Words matter when talking about mental illness. Make sure that the workplace is an environment that would encourage people to come forward and talk about mental health problems. Communication that emphasizes that leadership cares about concepts such as how to manage an employee with anxiety should be welcomed in the working environment.

Healthy workplaces deliver greater productivity, improve workforce participation and increase social inclusion. It’s important to get this right because the consequences of ill health on individuals, their families, communities and the economy are profound. The human cost of poor mental health is huge, with poor mental health having an impact on the lives of many individuals and those around them. This manifests itself in a variety of ways both at work and at home, and impacts a person’s ability to manage other elements of their personal life. Some people are prepared to openly acknowledge their experience of mental ill health, whereas others fear that doing so might jeopardise their current job, or future job prospects, and therefore don't declare it. Under the terms of the Equality Act 2010, they are under no obligation to tell an employer about a mental health condition, whether or not it is classed as a 'disability'. Understanding how to support mental health at work is also key for designing modern, accessible and effective well-being programs, which in turn lead to better business and people outcomes. Wellbeing measurement has been delivered by expert practitioners and HR teams dating back to the 1980s. Yet HR teams are now better equipped with the skills and technology required to engage, measure and identify areas to act on insights gathered at scale. Subjects such as workplace wellbeing support can be tackled by getting the appropriate support in place.

Living With Mental Health Disorders

Everyone’s experience of a mental health problem is different, so managers should be supported to work with staff to develop a personal action plan which identifies triggers and what support the employee needs. Line managers are arguably the most vulnerable when it comes to experiencing anxiety and stress-related disorders, because they are squeezed from above and below. Evidence-based mental health promotion and prevention programs are sound investments. Promotion and prevention programs, for example, can mitigate rates at which individuals develop symptoms and mental health disorders. The economic benefit of mental health promotion also includes lowered use of health care and reduced morbidity and mortality. Stumble upon more information regarding Employee Mental Health Programs Approaches at this Health and Safety Executive article.

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