Which WhatsApp mod will work on Android?

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Which WhatsApp mod will work on Android?

Сообщение cizaro » 05 окт 2022, 13:42

Any WhatsApp application requires at least 4.1 Android version.

So you are not able to use any version of WhatsApp on your device. For using, you need to upgrade your device. And when you will upgrade you can download the Gb WhatsApp 2022 modifier app fromgbfunda website.

In my opinion, Gb WhatsApp latest version is the best-modified application nowadays. For some amazing features, this messenger app now ranks #1.
Whatsapp is NOT open-source. Do not confuse free with open-source. WhatsApp is freeware, you can use it without paying but it's source code is not made available online by the developers, hence it is not open source.

The modded versions like gb whatsapp are built by reverse engineering the executable(apk) file. This requires real talent in understanding compiled code, good knowledge in using a disassembler and a lot of patience and skill.

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