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"Create GIF animations for any PowerPoint presentations that you create."
KEYMACRO provides powerful features to create animated GIF images for PowerPoint presentations. This is a Windows app that has a key macro to create animated GIF images for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
KEYMACRO, you can take advantage of the animated GIF support in Office 2013 or later to create animated images for your PowerPoint presentations. It also allows you to add and remove your animated GIF animation to any PowerPoint slide.
Please note that to import an animated GIF animation for the PowerPoint slide, you need to make sure that the file type of the animation is png and the dimension is 600x600 pixels.
Advanced features:
1. Animated GIF animation import: The animated GIF animation for PowerPoint slide can be added to PowerPoint slide by using the import function.
2. Apply the animation to a PowerPoint slide: You can apply the animated GIF animation to the slide by using the "Apply to this slide" function.
3. Remove the animation: You can remove the animated GIF animation from a PowerPoint slide by using the "Remove the animation from this slide" function.
4. Description:
KeyMACRO for Windows helps you create animated GIF images for any PowerPoint presentations you create.

Image K9 is a fantastic image editor, designed for users of all levels. A large, high-quality feature-set makes it easy to accomplish the most advanced tasks, even on a smartphone.
Image K9 comes with a ton of built-in tools for creating, editing, transforming and saving images. It has everything you would expect from a professional tool for manipulating images.
You can easily save images and share them with friends on various social networks. You can also save your images to PNG, JPEG and GIF files.
You can crop the image, rotate and flip it, correct and improve the image brightness and contrast, add special effects, recolor, resize, use a background, insert text, perform multiple edits to the image, sharpen the edges and enhance images with multiple photo filters.
A powerful set of image editing tools allow you to make many common tasks very easy. You can resize images, crop them, place them on a grid and trim the edges, create vertical and horizontal guides, remove parts of the image, add effects, change the orientation, add borders, and more.
So, if you need to improve your images, with Image K9 you can!
Create a new or edit an existing image with just a few clicks.

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